May 3-5, 2019 • $195

Washington Family Ranch, Antelope, Oregon

Men age 13 and up* are invited to join us for this amazing weekend.

Activities Include: go karts, swimming pool, zip line, hiking, rock climbing, basketball, pool tables, ping pong tables, frisbee golf, and more!

Man Camp is for every man 13 – 130 years old who knows there is more to life and faith than just getting by. You’ll hear inspiring messages supported by breakout labs for you to attend during the weekend. We know you will be forever changed if you courageously dive in with us.


Brian Becker

Lead Pastor at Hope City Church (Milwaukee,OR)
Friday Keynote

Jon Furman

Lead Pastor at Beaverton Christian Church (Beaverton, OR)
Saturday Keynote

Grant Hickman

Teaching Pastor at Willamette Christian Church (West Linn, OR)
Sunday Keynote

Full Lab Breakdown

LAB 1 – Be the HERO in the Home

Brandon Reynolds, Cliff Reynolds, Aaron Wells

LAB 2 – Develop HEROIC Habits

Jon Perry, Hayden Olson

LAB 3 – The HEROIC Comeback

Matt Burton

LAB 4 – The HERO’S Manual

Jon Furman, Grant Hickman

Pastor Luke Cobrae

Pure Desire Recovery Groups – Men

Are you struggling with a sexual behavior issue that is impacting your relationship with God, your spouse, your family, and/or your job? Have you done everything you can do to stop it? Have you tried accountability programs, recovery groups, and more, without success? Are you tired of living a double life? Do you know someone who feels trapped in sexual bondage? Are they desperate for help? If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, we can help.

Adult men who battle with sex addiction or porn addiction will find help in a Seven Pillars of Freedom group. Participants will gain an understanding of sex/porn addiction and recovery by using workbook material that is clinically proven and theologically sound. Groups are designed to provide a safe place to process their addiction, build a lifestyle of accountability, and heal from sex/porn addiction. Group duration is nine to twelve months.

Additional info – Pure Desire website

Dan Howie – Group Leader

Men’s Breakfast

Every Tuesday at 7:00 – 8:00 AM – at Corey’s Bar and Grill – 928 NW Bond St. Bend, OR 97701

Every week guys gather together and enjoy breakfast. Bring your Bible and enjoy comfort food!


Geoff Perry  – Group Leader