Journey Church was birthed on February 21, 2010.  We were supported and commissioned by New Hope Church in Bend with a clear vision: to do what’s not being done in order to reach people not being reached.  From our inception, Journey sought to be a church for those who don’t like church in an effort to join God on His mission:  redeem, reconcile, restore and rebuild lives in Bend and beyond.  We regularly teach that it is never too late with God! Pastor Keith Kirkpatrick knew that Bend didn’t need just another church.

During our first year, Journey relocated 3 times.  Journey began as a mobile church and met at Bend High School, Regal Theaters in the Old Mill, and then back at Bend High School.


After one year of being mobile, Journey Church moved to a more permanent location in downtown Bend, the heart of the city.  This move was a bit unorthodox for a church.  We chose to meet under a bar.  Not just any bar, it was a strip club.  Perfect. Isn’t that where Jesus would go?

After months of meeting under the strip club, they shut down.  A new night club reopened (without the strippers), and Journey continued to grow as the “church under the bar.”  On Easter of 2013, Journey rented the bar and had church “in the bar.”

This changed everything.  Journey continued to see that doing things that have not been done requires risks.  With every risk for God comes a great reward.  We were part of God doing something different, great, and it was only the beginning.  Less than one year later (Halloween of 2013), the night club shut down.


In early 2014, Journey officially moved into the space that was originally an Elk’s Club before becoming a night club then a strip club. Journey has experienced the reality that God can restore anyone and any place for His glory.

After much prayer and an incredibly generous congregation, Journey Church officially became the new owners of this building:  70 NW Newport Ave. in downtown Bend in September of 2017. 

We celebrate God's faithfulness to redeem and restore all things! 

Through this journey, over 300 people have been baptized, hundreds of lives changed, and many miraculous stories of God transforming lives.

Journey has a saying, “It’s all about Jesus!”  Journey is a church that loves Jesus, follows Jesus and is led by Jesus.  This is not always easy, but it’s always worth it. 

With Jesus, there is hope for everyone.

Our mission is to transform the world, starting in Bend, on a journey through faith, hope and love in Jesus.  We are all on a journey of faith.  You are invited to join us on your journey as we regularly gather together to unpack the Bible in an authentic, powerful, and life-transforming way and worship the one true God.

The best is yet to come!