Sunday, June 23

Yesterday was a long travel day from Dubai to Kampala 6 hour flight, and 2 hours to get through the airport, with an additional hour to our lodging. Needless to say, we were tired! Once we arrived at the Adonai house and got settled the night was upon us, we ate a quick dinner, rehearsed our skit for the outreaches and went to bed.

Today was our first full day, and it was just that - full. We left our lodging at 7:00 to meet Pastor Alex and the team at City Church in Luzira. It was really neat to be able to see the facility first hand, and experience Church in Africa.

I (Luke) Preached at the two morning services at the City Church, Pastor David preached at another church as well. The team jumped right into action with most of us helping in the Kids ministry. There were so many children at church they were literally bursting at the seams!

Sunday morning at City Church

Sunday morning at City Church

Church in Africa is very different than Church in America. For starters there was about 45 minutes of music and prayer, and the energy was so amazing! We had such a fun time worshiping with our Brothers and Sisters in Uganda. What I found so moving was that we were on the other side of the world, but still singing songs we had heard, praying for each other, and learning scripture together. The Church is truly an amazing thing, no matter where you are, the Church is there - people of Christ following Jesus!

After Church was over David joined our group and we made plans for the week ahead. We plan to visit 3 schools each day and put on an outreach to the students. Its so wonderful to partner with City Church in this!

The program lasts about 2 hours and comprises singing, dramas, preaching, competitions, dancing and performances from the dance crew, and some artists around the area. Holy Kane (who has visited Journey) was with us today. Its really neat to see some of the Uganda alumni reconnect with some old friends, and to see the new team mesh together to create new friends.

The team absolutely nailed the drama today. The kids were on their feet as the drama came to its climactic end, and a lady even came over and play kicked the Devil (Played by Sara Herberholz) while on the ground - we had good laugh about that one!

Our first school visit. One light was all this school had.

Our first school visit. One light was all this school had.

The bus ride to the school was 90 minutes, and then a 90 minute drive back. We didn’t get back to our lodging until after 9:30 pm. 15 hours of non stop action, but it was worth it! We saw some kids at the school really open up, and even some accepted Jesus - the team is really starting to bond and the conversations on the bus ride were great!

Tomorrow we visit 3 more schools starting at 4:30 am wakeup call - and going through the rest of the day. Another long day ahead of us but we’re looking forward to it.