Sharing Our Stories

Today we had to get an early start on the day by waking up at 4:00 am so that we could eat and be ready to depart our lodging at 5:00.  Our first School that we visited today was Trinity school.  Well more than 900 students gathered together in the early morning as we sang some songs, shared our stories and talked about God’s love for them through Jesus.

It was really a great start to the day.  Pam Alarcon and Kevin Link both shared their stories in front of the 900 students, and they did so well!  It was really wonderful to hear their stories about how Jesus has changed their lives and how much of an impact their faith has had in their life.


Luke shared a message about Jesus being the good shepherd and helping us to get stuck from the mud of life, and invited the kids to pray a prayer of salvation.  Lots of responses to pray!  

From Trinity we went to another school about an hour away, this school was a stark contrast from the first.  It was small and it was very impoverished.  There was trash on the dirt floors of the school, broken glass in the courtyard but the kids were so amazing!  The school staff was so welcoming to our team.  We set up in the courtyard while the whole school waited and watched.  David, Noah and some of the City Church team lead an impromptu worship session, and we had some amazing dancers from JForce (Jesus Force Dancers) give the kids a great show.

Leah and Bryan shared their stories and it was amazing.  Both struggled to share their story because they were so real. There is something so powerful about telling your story of faith, its not always easy to do, but when you do there is something that happens with it!  


After the second school we drove back to Luzira and joined up with the City Church team.  It was so cool to see the worship team practicing for their upcoming tour to America.  Its going to be a great tour! 

We had lunch, regrouped and then headed out to Ggaba to Maranatha Christian school.  This school is put on by the church that sent pastor Alex to plant his church.  It was right on the Lake Victoria and was in a beautiful setting.  

So far this was our biggest challenge, maybe because the kids were so exposed to church and gospel message of Jesus but so far they were the least receptive group.  They stood there in many ways uninterested in our efforts.  We pressed on none the less, and the team work hard to break the ice with these kids.  It paid off, after some hard work and A LOT of dancing, they were coming around, the circle of kids came in a little closer and warmed up to us! 

Sarah shared her testimony and it was POWERFUL!  It was so real and so raw, but I think that it hit home with a few kids.  As I watched some were listening and some weren’t but when she shared that she was a single mom I could tangibly feel some kids tune in and relate to her experience.   David and the City Church team brought some great music, and Eric, Kevin, Bryan Maddie and Noah went out into the crowd to engage the kids!  Eric got into a back flip contest with another student and it was so impressive to watch the acrobatics!