Day 3

Today was our third day visiting schools in the Kampala area. It was also our first bump as a team. 

It’s inevitable that at some point while traveling to distant lands you won’t feel 100%. Today was that day. Some of the team members had been wondering if they were getting sick or if it was the pollution in the air. Everyone burns their trash here so the air is constantly smoky with toxic smoke from plastic and other hazardous trash. This smoke makes your eyes and throat burn.

A good portion of the team woke up today not feeling good, we wondered what it was… the sugar cane? The coffee from the coffee shop? Something hit us hard, but we pressed on. 

After some hiccups trying to get to City Church (our bus ran out of gas… ah, Africa you are special) we made it to City Church and connected with the staff and our team. 

Pastor Alex took us on a tour of the campus, as well briefed us on the history of City Church and why they do what they do. He said there were nearly 20 churches on the street they were on so they had to ask themselves, “why another church in Luzira?” After giving us the vision and mission behind City Church, Alex drove us around the high end side of Luzira. There are some nice homes here, but literally across the street are the slums. We got out and walked the slums. That was a humbling experience. Don’t ever think you have it bad…

After visiting the slums we visited the Hope House and School that City Church puts on. Amazing the work they are doing!  

We regrouped for lunch, and then headed to our first school. Kevin had stayed back at the Adonai house because he wasn’t feeling good but we heard he was feeling better, and we needed our Jesus for our skit - Kevin plays Jesus. I (Luke) was his understudy but he did a much better job. Kevin caught a short BodaBoda ride (motorcycle taxi) to meet us - don’t worry he had a Kells our City Church guide with him. 

At the first school for the day we arrived a bit late and had a very short time to set up. Not to mention we had to hike a truck load of gear up 3 flights of stairs!  We did the same routine we’ve been doing and the team is definitely in the groove now! We know our rhythms now. 

Maddie shared her story and she blew it out of the water!  So good. She grabbed their attention from the start and the students were locked into her from then on. My (Luke) voice has been going out so David stepped into preach today. Let me tell you. David can preach!  P-R-E-A-C-H! Tons of decisions to follow Jesus!  

We followed the second school almost to the tee with the first and again it was a smash! The room was so crowded that Kevin chose to walk on the rafters of the exposed ceiling to make his entrance as Jesus in the skit. It was sketchy but it got their attention and the students went nuts!  Eric shared his story this time, and David again knocked it out of the park! 

After that we dropped our friends off at City Church, had a debrief and dinner and hit the bed. We’re tired, not all feeling good but we’re going for it. Pray for grace and strength because we’re feeling it as we come in to day 4!  

Tomorrow is an early day, but more good things I’m sure.