Day 2

Last night we had a major thunderstorm and rain, but this morning we were greeted with an amazing sunrise over the city.


After breakfast we met our Uganda team at the City Church campus. There we waited for a while for the team to assemble. While we were waiting, we played frisbee with one of the frisbees donated by Bend’s own Beach Hut Deli!

Our Ugandan friends had not seen a frisbee before and didn’t quite know what to make of it. Of course to which we showed them how to play ultimate frisbee. It’s a mix of frisbee, soccer and football all together. (It’s pretty fun if you’ve never played - google it.). The competition was fierce, I myself (Luke) got taken out a few times and even got a cut lip - but we had fun! We were soaked in sweat by playing so hard before we even started the day out. Above the fun of a game, it was so much fun playing with our new friends! What amazing and fun people the team from City Church is!

After an intense and hard game of frisbee (tied 5-5 with a rematch scheduled for tomorrow) we ventured out to our 1st school. After a muddy and adventurous trek across Kampala we arrived at Kampala City school. The roads were too muddy to pass by bus so we had to walk the last bit ourselves.


We waited for a while outside of the gate of the school waiting for the welcome to come in and set up. After quite some time we waiting we got the news - we couldn’t come. There was a mix up in the administration of the school and scheduling so the school was unprepared and students unavailable to get away for our presentation. We were in good spirits anyways, despite the bad news. Some of us even got to connect with some kids anyways.


Pam was able to pray with a very cute young girl who was unable to attend school because her family has no money to send her.

After we left we drove back to the city to exchange some money (we hadn’t done that yet) and at the mall Eric did what Eric does, Parkour that is - it was a cool experience for him to have some conversations with locals because of his talents.

After lunch we headed back to the fringe of the city and arrived at Oxford High School. There we set up and prepped to have a good time with the kids.

The place was small but PACKED - and they were so excited to have us! We had a great time with Kells getting them moving with dance and competition.

Pam Praying.PNG

After some music and dancing, Sheri and Noah shared their story with the kids. Both of them were stellar in sharing their stories. Sheri hit on that she always knew about Jesus but didn’t know him personally.

Noah shared about addiction and strongholds and both drove home that Jesus was the best thing that happened to them.


Afterwards the team did their skit and the reaction was electric! The kids went wild. It’s so much fun to watch the team really dig in and own their parts in the skit - it really pays off.

Afterwards Luke shares his message with the kids and there were lots of decisions to follow Jesus in their hearts.


After our last school we battled Kamala traffic to get back to the Adonai house where we are staying. We got back in time to get a coffee from one of Kampala’s best coffee shops just across the street from our lodging.

Our team every night sits around the dinner table and laughs, prays and even cries together. We spend some time each day talking about the experience we’ve had and debriefing the day. It’s so amazing to see the chemistry of the team building. Today was full of setbacks and success and it’s an emotionally hard experience seeing the absolute poverty in these areas but it was so refreshing to hear our experiences (good and bad) and grow together as a team. Brian shared around the table that he had found a family in this team and couldn’t imagine the team being any better.

We talked about how we can bring this experience back to daily life. We recognized this trip wasn’t the destination, it was the start of the journey in sharing our faith with others.

And this is only our 2nd day of ministry...