Final day of School Ministry

Today was a later start to the day.  We were supposed to leave by 9:30am today to head to our fist school.  9:30 turned into 11:30… Africa time.  It really is a thing – take whatever time you want to arrive somewhere and just get there when you get there, that’s time in Africa.  In truth there was a pretty heavy rain this morning, and with the dirt roads making such a large part of the infrastructure of the city that does cause a lot of problems with traffic.

After out delayed start, we got to represent a new look by donning our City Church T-shirts.  We all looked pretty good.  Well most of the team looked pretty good.  There were some of us (myself included) who don’t fit the typically smaller Ugandan size frame, so some of us had to wear “schmedium” or our new word, “schlarge” shirts (that’s small-medium or small-large) shirts…

The first school was one of the smaller schools we visited, with only a classroom to utilize.  Smaller doesn’t mean less impacting – we had a great time at the school.  Sarah shared her testimony about past relationships and growing up without a father.  Her story was such an encouragement to the kids to hear, that even when you don’t think you have a dad, God is there for you!  She really knocked it out of the park! 


After Sarah shared, the team did the skit.  It was one of the smallest spaces we’ve had to work with yet but that was no problem, these guys are professionals now!


David preached a message about Zacchaeus climbing a tree to see Jesus and how Jesus chose to be with a terrible person because he showed love.  And Jesus loved us so much he came to be with us, and that ended in a very powerful altar call to the students to receive Jesus!


In the picture you may see some girls with head coverings, they are Muslim girls choosing Jesus in that moment!


After the first school’s ministry time came to a close we loaded up the van and headed out to the next school which was on the other side of the city.


After arriving at the second school in the afternoon we were greeted by the man himself, Pastor Alex!  Alex and Faith and some of the City Church team joined up with us at this school.  We were actually at Faith’s alma-matter, and the head teacher was also her teacher years ago. 

This school we had a great time!  The students were really excited to have us and the team, and we as a team were really running on all cylinders.  Even though some of us (Eric) weren’t feeling great we stepped up and had a great time! 

Brian shared his story to the students, and his testimony got very real.  He opened up with us at the breakfast table about a part of his life he had not talked about, and we had a great and meaningful conversation as a team about that.  He used that part of his story today to lead into the point that Jesus was always with him, even in the dark times of life. 


Pastor David preached a message at this school about people who pressed through the crowds to find Jesus encouraging the students to press through the crowds of their lives to find Jesus in a real and meaningful way – it followed with a HUGE response for Jesus!


After spending a few moments on cloud 9 from the stellar experience we were given the bad news.  The final school, and the largest school we had schedule cancelled on us.  Apparently the students had gone home from holiday and the school was not going to be full for us to come.  Even though the door closed on our team, they did invite City Church to come back another time.  That’s a win. 


Our bus ride home took 3 hours.  But it was a 3-hour drive well spent.  We have been on the same bus with the same people for 6 days now and this would be our last bus ride with the full team, it was bitter sweet.  Sweet because the 3 hour ride turned into a party.  We did our program on the bus – but the Journey team did the Uganda team’s parts, and the Uganda team did the Journey team’s parts.  We laughed and sang so loud that people on the streets were looking into the bus wondering what was going on.   Bitter because we had such a great time that we really didn’t want the tour to end, and wanted to keep going with the team and the friends we had made.

Tomorrow is Conf-Phest.  It’s a conference, it’s a festival… its both and I’ve heard its going to be off the hook!   It will be the last day our team is together so I know it will also be a hard day.  We really have become like a family with our friends here, and we don’t want to part ways.